Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where are the drummies?

A sad thing happened recently. Trader Joe's chicken drummies (drummets) have been UNAVAILBLE due to mysterious, unexplained reasons. One hypothesis is that the drummies have gotten too popular, threatening the status almighty Orange Chicken. Another is that Trader Joes is using the power of anticipation to build demand for drummies to a record high level. Another has something to do with the Russians.

IRREGARDLESS, I demand the swift return of drummy supply to all Trader Joe stores.

Yours truly,

Crazy nutjob


  1. First, check your grammar. Second, we had to switch vendors to keep maniacal freaks like yourself satisfied with the product quality. Fool. Go walk with a cane.

  2. Ah the grammar police have shown up.. he shows up at many blogs :P